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“My Pearl”
 is young cattery, collective cattery of Sphynx. The nursery “My Pearl” is of closed type. Because we love and estimate our pets, and consider, that we have to  account for their health safety. But we don’t except co-operation with friendly catteries, in which we can be sure.
We prefer to sell animals for castration, because we believe that really happy animal  is a  castrated animal. And we want our children to be happy very much.
Our animals don’t live in cages  or open-air cages. They can move in  the flat. They sleep with us with pleasure. Our animals can leave the cattery only if they are older than 3,5 months. By the time of moving to a new home they are devoid of helminths, they are vaccinated against virus diseases,(a veterinary passport is given),socially adapted, with the document verifying animal’s pedigree, with nursing instruction which will help to preserve baby’s health and also with an agreement of buy and sell protecting buyer interests as well as the cattery.
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